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Mtn are out again with another bigger and better surprise as they give out A whole free 4GB free Megabytes to all their subscribers. And its powers all applications and I think this is a way of wishing their users A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017. See below on how to get yours.

According to the sms they sent,

“to celebrate the new year, you have been credited with 4GB Free Data Valid for 7 days to be enjoyed only on 4G enabled devices.

Simply Dial *559*444# to check your free 4GB data.

Hope you also receive yours!. you can drop your comments for further help if you haven't gotten yours because Am enjoying mine now…  Thanks

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Let's welcome the new tweakware 4.0 VPN Android application used for tunnelling networks to browse and download for free. This Version comes with more faster servers Used to browse and it still powers the Latest Etisalat 0.0 Tweakware V4
.0 Settings For Browsing Free and the  Glo Tweakware V4.0 Still Unlimitedly Browsing Free On Phones but the only shocking thing about this new tweakware 4.0 is that it came with S.A Mtn Chat Cheat For south Africa, but I think they have now expanded to South Africa Or Do they want Nigerians to browse with South African cheat??. But All these and more we will update Our Nigerian and South African user later.


Protect your internet traffic when using public hotspots or wifi or even your local internet service. Bypass firewall and page blocks.

Gain free internet access by using the built in proxy tweaks like reverse proxy, injection query, custom headers to bypass domain/ip based restrictions/billing.

Category: VPN Apps

Publish Date: December 2016

Latest Version: 4.0

Requirements: Android 4.0+

Download: here >>> Tweakware.apk

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Its not new to Blackberry Users that their Device is outdated it a new IOS or Android Is Needed as Glo (Grand Masters Of Data)has announced their own sad news specifically prepared for BB users.

"Dear Customer, starting December 17, 2016 BlackBerry services on your device (BBOS7 devices) will no longer be available. You can still continue to use the device to Call and Text. We request you to migrate to a BB10, Android, Windows or IOS handset to use your remaining data."

So don't you think its time for blackberry users to give up?.. Well Glo is not the only fish in the rivet as Mtn, Airtel, Etisalat Networks are available.

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The Messenger team recently released an update that improved the camera in the app and introduced 3D effects, stickers, and masks that can be added to photos and videos — similar to Snapchat. These 3D effects can be used in real time during video calls as well — it’s available for iOS at launch, and it’s coming soon to Android.

Up to six people can video call at the same time, but Facebook doesn’t want to force everyone in a group to participate. As Product Manager Andrew Song told Digital Trends, not everyone is always “video-call ready.”

“We designed this experience with mobile phones in mind,” Song said. “And we were trying to figure out how we can create this party or fun atmosphere with a set of people. Being able to get in the same space and have that energy that you would if you were in the same physical space is what this is really for.”

If the video call limit has filled up or if you’re at work and can’t join in, you can still see what’s going on and respond with messages or your voice.  The company says up to 50 people can listen in a group call and “chime in via voice” or continue to send messages as well.

You’ll have to create a group or be in an existing one to be able to tap on the group video call icon — each person can join in when they’re ready with a tap, and you can ring certain people or the whole group.

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Hi guys.. I just want to let you know that Technaij is back!. And you know we are not just coming back empty handed, Just simply flex this Airtel 0.0k cheat Unlimitedly. As we celebrate this coming new year. Which means you can browse till 2017.

How to Connect This Airtel 0.0k Free browsing Cheat.. Things Needed.

1) An Airtel SIM with 0.0k
2) An Android phone and Psiphon app

If you don't have psiphon application simply download it Here.

So Simply launch your Psiphon/syphon App

Proxy type: - No proxy
Input Airtellive.ng in the proxy server
Real proxy type - Default
Real proxy server - Airtellive.ng
Real proxy port - 8080
Then save

Go to More options
Tick connect through Http proxy
Select use the following settings
Host address -
Port - 8080
To make it stable select Singapore as the county server

This is tested and trusted by me, so enjoy while it last.

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When it comes to effectively marketing an app, there are several tricks and tips that can seriously influence the way the app does in terms of popularity and likeability. To optimize the production of the app within the store, keeping certain things in mind will take the app a long way. App store optimization doesn’t have to be challenging and complicated; it can be made simple, to the point, and comprehensive. An ASO company, Growth Tower, specializes in perfecting the techniques necessary to properly impact the life and performance of apps on the market, though it certainly isn’t the only one. Many agencies are focusing now on mobile marketing because of the sheer mass quantity of potential hits in the application world. That being said, Growth Tower highlights and improves upon what is most important to make the app as successful as possible.

Category Analysis
In order to appeal to the broadest market, it is imperative that the app is categorized appropriately. An app with a primary note-taking feature would be ill-placed in the gaming section, and as such, it would not perform as well on the market. ASO agencies do an in-depth consideration of each aspect and all qualities of the application in question in order to place it in the best-fitting category.

Competitor Analysis
It wouldn’t be capitalism without competitors in every sect of the market, and the app store is no exception. App store optimization would hardly be complete without the analysis of competition. Other apps on the market will always exist, with several apps all vying for the same position and doing the same tasks. It is important that the app succeeds over its competitors and proves its superiority.

Review Analysis
Another pivotal aspect to maintaining a successful position within the application market is promoting, encouraging, and obtaining excellent, quality reviews for the product. Analyzing the predominate opinions on the app can influence its potential for market success in the future. Reviews can sometimes make or break an app, and the shorter and more upbeat the review the better.

Research on the Web
Taking the time to do quality and effective research on the internet is not common, and it’s not something that a developer of an app always has the resources to accomplish. With an ASO agency, research should be a priority. Staying informed on the ins and outs of trends and styles is key to truly making an impact on the popularity of an app.

Mobile marketing thrives on the concept of keywords. When it comes to search engines, the keywords are pivotal in turning up quality results. App store optimization involves very specifically determining the most effective keywords for providing excellent service. It is important the keywords reflect an adequate description of the product itself, but they cannot be too specific or else they will never be searched for. They mustn’t be based entirely around what is popular, however, because the public will become displeased if the product advertised does not match their interest. Keywords are not easy to pick out without a comprehensive understanding of mobile marketing, and an ASO agency is the best bet for deciphering the most effective keywords for the app itself.


App Store Optimization. (n.d.). Retrieved November 15, 2016, from https://growthtower.com/app-store-optimization/

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I know some pals will be itching to browse for free using the fastest browsing network in Nigeria 'Etisalat' So am happy to introduce to you this latest free browsing using Queencee Vpn V8. But sadly it not good as on cant bypassthe 60MB data limit. We are working on other proxy's for you guys. So for the mean time just use this.

Simply Use the Etisalat default APN for your phone setting i.e APN should be etisalat and both username and password, leave them empty

Proxy Server Type: Real Host
Proxy Server: ent.nxtfwd.com/s/d/etisalat_ng#openModal
Real Proxy Server Type: Inject
Real Proxy Server:
Port: 8080
Tap on Save button.

» Immediately you click save, a pop up message will appear requesting to use Tunnel whole device, just tap on the option to Tunnel Whole Device.

In Region, select United States or Netherlands or Best Performance.

Now tap on the Start button, wait for few seconds for it to Connect. Then, after its connected, start browsing.

You will have to wait, chill  before it will connect.

That's all.

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Nigerian Telecommunications Are really now trying a lot to make internet stable and Fast as A tele Company By name 'Spectranet' Sets up their Unlimited Gold 4G.. I means Super Gold plan Unlimitedly.

Although We alot of have 4G providers here in Nigeria that offers unlimited data, starting from Smile 4G and Ntel. but Spectranet have introduced their own unlimited browsing plan, called Spectranet Unlimited Gold.

Spectranet Unlimited Gold plan offers:

  1. You will get full speed 24/7 access on the Spectranet 4G network
  2. The unlimited plan is valid for 30 days
  3. When you exceed 100GB usage, your speed will be throttled. Spectranet didn't made it known to us what speed we'll be cut down to after reaching the 100GB usage.
  4. Spectranet Unlimited Gold will cost you N18,000 monthly
  5. Currently, this plan is available only in Lagos and Ibadan.

So what's your say on this?.. Are they all really trying?